Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Stop this discrimination!!!

Einstein, Mozart, Cauchy, Newton, Bill Gates, Alan Turing, Neils Bohrs, Shakespeare and every other true genius you have heard about had aspergers.

But why discriminate against them? Why treat them as mad when they are not? Are they not human beings? Don't they have feelings too? Isn't there a kind soul in each one of them? Let me tell you one thing straight, most of them were probably great human beings and cared a great deal for everyone in this world, except that they had difficulty expressing it because of their medical disorder.

Aspergers is no disease, it is another way of life and you will rarely find a genius worthy of coming under the greatest geniuses of all time unless he has this order. The only person I could find who was a real gem and didn't have aspergers is Stephen Hawkins. Now, is that what you want all geniuses to go through?

This disorder anyway makes one go through bad periods due to social awkwardness and often other painful trials too. Shouldn't you help such people out instead of just adding to their pain and in fact being the prime cause for the same?

Enough is enough, at least try to be human!!!

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