Saturday, March 5, 2011

And I show him down, every day!

Oh hell yeah, I show him down, because he is just no good. Who he? 'Fucking God', who else?!

I know that I can do a better job of every single moment, of every single person's life. I tell him that, flatly, in fact, as flat as can be.

Alas, why does God only have an IQ of 150 (my estimation) when 95% of the greatest geniuses could wipe his feet of the floor with their brains. And I of course, am much much superior to them all.

So fuck ya, God stands not a chance. He is as stupid as any god damn idiot can be. He is as arrogant and wicked as somebody so stupid for his position must be, and much worse.

I am better, I am the best, I can do a better job and he must now go to rest. I wish t he reins of this world don't stay with him much longer, he should resign and then it would be a fest :P