Thursday, February 11, 2010

I am sorry...

I was very angry and got carried away. My father provoked me and started the argument. I have any way been disturbed over the last few days as everything has been going against me. And my father just burnt the last straw of the hay which ignited the whole thing.

But I keep my stand, I definitely don't love him but have to just accept him because I have no other father. Mama is not that bad but decent, but if you see from the point of view of genuine unconditional love then none of us have that for the other person.

But for the remaining years I will just need to live this crappy life of mine :(


Anonymous said...

dude you should get a hold on yourself..get a life man! everyone has problems with their parents - that does not mean that you should harbor such extreme resentment against them. try to find something constructive to do, to get your mind off such stuff. meet people who can guide you in this regard. life's not worth throwing away like this.

Akshay said...

I agree with you on the first part.

But I am not suicidal because of them, that is something else. And life is not valuable.