Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Set them free :(

What do you prefer: One innocent person dead or one guilty person free? The answer in my mind is absolutely clear. I would rather let a person with with dignity and in peace if there is even an iota of doubt in my mind rather than kick his ass. And, that, is only fair...

It was only today that mama raised the issue of many Pakistani boys jailed in Indian prisons just because they crossed the border by mistake. Now it literally makes me abuse the crap out of the people who are responsible for such hideous crimes. If there is so much of an issue I would rather set all suspected terrorists free as well. We have absolutely no right to their life unless we are not 100% sure that they and none other are responsible for those atrocious atrocities and even then they have every right to explain themselves. And why shouldn't they? As long as they are human, they are one of us and we don't have to throw bite a dog if he/she bites us. In our anger, YES, otherwise NO...

And I would anyway not really mind if everybody is set free, perhaps barring a few really really few who truly deserve to be there. If you want to fight them out, fight it out in the battlefield. Let us see who wins.

Make a fair world and the rest will fall in place. Good people only lead to better times. Set the big things in place and the small ones won't matter and to correct the bigger picture act on the smaller ones.

Enough for now,

Signing out!!

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