Sunday, May 8, 2011

Not to forget

Oh my god! What have I done? Who have I become? Oh no! NO...

I can't be doing this to my self. Do I even have the right to joy in these last desperate days of my life? It won't be too long before I would be gone, gone forever, gone for good.

Although it is destined to be so very soon, I sincerely hope that I die before June 2012 arrives and don't need to stay on this planet a day longer than just enough to make me a graduate.

But I know it will take a little longer than that :( I genuinely hope not though, I wish to die and die when I wish.

The purposes of this life has been achieved and I don't wish to complete the remaining tasks at hand. I don't wish to engage in massive destruction in this life and what has been done this time is more than enough as my work for this life.

Now please bless me with peace and wish that my life comes to and end before you can even guess, please my friends!