Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Don't give it back...

This time, I will stand up for a cause.

For me nobody is an enemy(well, nobody except those two whom too I am ready to forgive), and I care for every single living soul. So...

Just because somebody does something bad to you, doesn't mean that it must be retaliated. What is important is to convey the message that you have been wronged and you must must must try to change the person and change him for the better so that the lives of so many more people become easier.

Harming somebody doesn't really give you anything. Does it? Do you really enjoy it? Some people might take it a little in stride but in the long run it hampers the development of all souls. I do have a desire for taking revenge from those two but only in a limited sense. I don't want to do to them what they did to me. And what they made me go through was way too much to enjoy me being fair or rational, so, we are talking of exceptional circumstances here.

But I believe in being just to everybody but that doesn't mean that everybody should be punished. Learning and helping is what we are here for, not for punishing.

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