Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Jaane wale ko kaun rok sakta hai :S

How can I stop somebody from going? How can I save somebody from dieing? How can I save the person from crying? And why should I now even start trying?

Hone ko to sab kuch ho sakta hai, bahut mil sakta hai, aur kuch kho sakta hai. Par kara kyun jaye, waqt se ladha kyun jaye. Bin soche samjhe mar kyun na diya jaye? Why not at least try?

I cant help it. I was made to do it. I don't wanna help it, I better get down to it.

I will be back and it will only take a "soon". Don't you worry, just enjoy your noon, nap mera matlab oye :P

Too much to do, too short a time left, let me get going now, and leave the rest to myself! :D