Thursday, December 13, 2012

Meditation to Manifest

Meditation to Manifest

People often talk about the Law of Attraction, the Laws of Wealth and Abundance etc. But rarely do people focus on what sometimes can help the most in life. Meditation is a highly overlooked tool which is often over rated but mostly under rated by most.

Meditation can help you manifest your wishes even without the wishes being thought in your conscious mind. I can vouch for this fact from my personal life. I won’t share the exact incidents, but I can definitely vouch that such an event isn’t impossible through meditation. I am not saying that meditation has always helped me, but there have been times when it has indeed.

Of course, it is imperative that meditation be done on a Gurumantra or Naam Jap based on the teachings of your Guru. For instance I took the Naam nearly a decade ago from Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insaan of the Dera Sacha Sauda at Sirsa in Haryana. I am not saying that you should go to him, feel free to try out anybody and everybody who you can before you decide to follow anybody 

But the point is that meditation is a secret way to manifest without even revealing your wishes to yourself. I am not saying that it happens all the time, but it does happen at times and I would definitely rate it above the Law of Attraction or other techniques. I am not saying that you shouldn’t follow the Law of Attraction, I am saying that you can consider meditation as an option as well if you want.

Take care!


Thursday, December 6, 2012

This is why you shouldn’t lie: EVER!

It is said, that those who speak the truth, come what may, the truth starts speaking itself in them. Jesus said, if I am in your words and your words are in me, then they will come true.

Now, coming to the explanation. If you always speak the truth, and nothing but what the truth is as far as you are concerned, then a time will come when whatever you speak casts itself in the realm of reality and indeed becomes the truth. And no, this isn’t the only reason why you should only speak the truth.

The above mentioned explanation is the cause of the action, or a reaction as they say. The reason is simple, God wants you to speak it, and thus you must. And the reward of that obedience is a tongue of gold. Nope, it won’t happen overnight, and is unlikely to happen even over a lifetime. But as time passes and as events unfold, the sun will rise and your words will one day come true. But.

It may take several lifetimes to reach that stage. And by that time, chances are most such people would know what to speak and what not to. But all that you say will be answered then, whether sooner or later. And you would have moved a notch up in the realm of spirituality. And of course, you would have received blessings of people in the name of being honest, truthful and pure.

This is the kind of tapasya Lord Shiva did (not the same tapa though) for thousands of years before he finally ascended to Godhood. He was born a man like you and me, but he never died and death or life is forever redundant to him now.

There are probably numerous other cases in history and especially in mythology when practicing something diligently leads to being benefited with certain rewards. Although in the present age, these rewards might not appear at the surface as often, and often might be subtle to see, nevertheless, it is far easier to attain nirvana today as compared to what it used to be in the Golden ages. Trust me, this is what saints today yell. Earning spiritual points today is easier, despite the fact that most of the world is studded with Cyclops of the disguised Satan.

And truth is something which will get you honor and respect more often than not. And if it is done from the heart, then all else becomes secondary.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Law of Karma and Law of Attraction

Law of Karma and Law of Attraction...Do the two go together?

Well, as a matter of fact they do. Both the law of karma and law of attraction are two sides of the same coin. Both these laws cease to exist in isolation.

Let me explain.

We all know that the Law of Attraction says that Like attracts Like. So if you attract something to yourself then you must get it. Of course, that is exactly what the Law of Attraction says, at least to the best of my knowledge. But does the gratification happen instantly? Well, no, almost never, if at all.

Law of Karma and Law of Attraction explained further...
There is a time lag. This is the time it takes for the law of attraction to attract desirable circumstances and opportunities in your life which you can use to wipe out the past karma to make way for what you attracted. So, essentially the Law of Attraction attracts whatever is required for you to change your Karma, it doesn't go around the Law of Karma, never does that happen.

Similarly, when you attract something (law of karma and law of attraction) by your thoughts, it still takes the requisite amount of time gap for the Law of Karma to turn favorable to you. The amount of time required is driven by the Law of Karma and nothing else, assuming Law of Attraction is already favorable to you and is attracting positive elements using the Law of Karma and Law of Attraction to benefit you.

There is absolutely no way that you can circumvent either of the two laws, the law of attraction and law of karma. Both are essentially twin sisters or like two sides of the same coin. One can only help convince the other to help you when they get together as a team. However, neither will be able to solve your problems magically on its own.

Similarly, when you do good deeds according to the law of karma and law of attraction, then you essentially manifest good karma which makes way for positive thoughts and a positive lifestyle which is in accordance with the law of attraction and law of karma and together they encourage each other to benefit you in all spheres.

Of course, it is possible that somebody has a medium score in the law of karma according to God and high score in the law of attraction, his karma points, that is. Such a person is likely to be better off than somebody with a similar karma but lesser faith in the law of attraction. But when you look at it at an even deeper level, that means beyond the seven planes of existence then the Law of Karma essentially equals the Law of Attraction and one can't have a different point system for the two. However, this is beyond the scope of this blog post.

The point is that the law of karma and law of attraction are inter-related and inseparable and work together to make a person what he finally becomes!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Dil Se OR Not?

I was very young. SRK was my favorite actor (and still is, of course!). A new Bollywood flick came out, Dil Se, a SRK movie.

It was a flop all over, and A rated, over a decade ago I guess, so I was like 10ish or something. My parents wouldn't take me to the theater to watch it.
Finally, it was no longer in the theaters either. I waited weeks, maybe months to watch Dil Se.

Everybody said it was shit, but it was a movie I wanted to watch more than I had ever watch any movie in my life.

Perhaps I haven't wanted to watch any movie as badly till now, after over a decade since then. I was crazy, I just wanted to watch it and there was no major explanation why.

Finally, in my nanu's place I managed to get that movie shown over the local cable. As I told you, I was still very young and had never stayed alone at home, or at nanu's home.

I agreed to watch it even when nobody was available to be with me. I was damn scared and kept standing near the door after a while, but I went ahead. I sacrificed my fear, forgot everything and finally watched it. And for what?

 For NOTHING! By the time I reached mid way I realized that neither then nor even now have I watched something as boring nor detested any movie half as much. I hated it.

Besides, the lack of interest only feuded by loneliness and fear fear at being alone at such a young age, from my standards, that is. What I had wanted more than anything else in my life, turned out to be a punishment for me.

I didn't want to watch that movie, I thought that I wanted to watch that movie. I didnt like it at all and all my wishes were finally even in vain despite them being answered.

 True, had that wish not been answered it might have been worse, but it taught me a lesson which I had forgotten till a few days back.

I was not to get any happiness from watching the movie, it was a mistake on my part that I thought that it would make me happy. No, it didn't, not at all. Anyway, God Bless!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

True story

Wanting something too badly even if you really need it that badly actually takes it away. Wanting to a limit may get you to it, but need or desire beyond that threshold will doom you.

They say if you want someone bad enough, you get it.

But what you want beyond measure, doesn't come.

True Story

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Google will never kill SEO. Do you know why?

Google will never kill SEO. Do you know why?

Contrary to what most people might think, Google will never kill SEO. In some respects and to some extent Google even likes SEO. Why?

Ever wondered why Google keyword tool etc is free?
They themselves provide the door to their secrets, to tweak them. They don't have to. Very few people would get them if they don't. But they want a level playing field and those who are good deserve page 1. That is why.
They don't need to provide these details, traffic details etc. But they want only good people to make it to the top and that requires a level playing field. That is why Google does this.

How do you think Google Adsense and Adwords tweak themselves without letting you know?
When the best people know which ads are going to make the most amount of money, they choose only them and in doing so not only they but Google too makes money. It is a WIN ALL situation for everybody.
If you need to guess in the dark and don't know how to compete, you will never make money for all those keywords and nor will Google. And Google definitely doesn't want that.

Yes, Google does dislike overestimating or overvaluing a website through SEO. And thus blackhat tricks and lots of other techniques are slowly getting banned or at least losing their value with time. It doesn't encourage SEO in all respects, only the part which is good for the people.

Google wants a content driven Internet, be it in the form of articles or videos, but quality content which is valued by people. And if you bring quality to the table through something of value, you will forever stay in business. :)