Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Good Amongst The Bad

All of us are bad, bad bad very bad. PERIOD!!

None of us genuinely cares for anybody except himself/herself and those very few who do care selflessly and unconditionally (and I am one of them :)) rarely bother helping out people in distress. All we care about is ourselves!

All of us are very selfish. To be very honest there is no single person on earth who I can genuinely call "GOOD" leave alone "GOD". And it isn't that I am boasting or anything but when it all finally boils down to the heart I am yet to see anybody who can challenge me. I know it sounds true but I am forced to say this out loud due to some personal reasons. Although me and my angel are pretty much THE BEST I have come across, none of us are "GOOD". I consider myself, "Decent" at best, the minimum recommended to be permitted to live in this Universe.

Having said that, I don't think there are too many of you out there who even come close or in other words I feel the majority of the people don't deserve to live in the first place. And these are people who I would refer to as good human beings in every day talk. So the average joe is probably a heartless loser. But if you really think of it, we all are heartless. We only want to solve our own problems.

Are we willing to sacrifice our everything to help the world? NO!
Then are we not bad??

It is all about being good amongst all the bads we encompass and that is enough to at least make some difference.

On the other hand I don't believe God when he makes people suffer the crap out of them blaming it on the Law of Karma. Nobody deserves to really suffer. Nobody deserves to be in pain. After all, we are ALL ONE... Some suffering can be good but real suffering isn't. We need to learn, not cry.

I have learnt, I have suffered, I have cried, but that is not good. What good is that? Nobody else learnt anything and only I alone have lost for a mistake that is not even my own :(

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