Sunday, October 9, 2011

Proof of God

1.Decision Maker

Who will decide how the big bang will happen? When it will happen? Who will decide how an atom will look? Somebody needs to decide and design such stuff. Even if they exist from infinity, back at time = minus infinity, you need to simultaneously design how the world will look. How electrons will be different from protons. Even if everything is a mess in reality, who ensured what was so that it led to this mess, which it isn’t anyway.

So the thing is, that you need somebody who can design the world. Why do the laws of force exist the way they do? Why not the reverse? Somebody needs to empower nature with it. And if nature itself is powerful enough to decide it, then it is powerful enough to change it as well, or to decide whatever it wants. In that case, you call it nature and we call it God.

Who created God? God. God’s definition includes an element where He can exist outside time and can create himself infinitely such that God itself created God due to the time factor. There is no other way to explain an infinite timeline even if somebody proposes that, although I don’t believe in an infinite physical timeline for this Universe, but that is not the point.

The point is, you need something which will determine things. Even if it is a random algorithm, who made it random. Who decided it?

2. Theory of Probability

When too many co-incidences tend to occur together, they are no longer co-incidences and hence an external force is at work. Such was what even Albert Einstein used to think. Have a look at the Universe around you. The probability that it would ever exist in the conditions it does, the probability that there would ever be life, the probability that everything be perfect and fine tuned rationally (assuming there is no rational force to monitor it) is literally zero, or close to that.

And whether you like it or not, there are infinite instances in this universe with a 1 in infinity probability. When taken together, they can’t really be a co-incidence, right? Of course, I am right.

Life on earth, or life anywhere in the universe
Big bang actually happening
Existence coming into being
Atoms being the way they are
Human bodies evolving the way they do
Perfection and details everywhere and in everything.

All this defies the principles of Probability unless a supreme being is in power.

3. Parallel Universes Theory

If there exist infinite universes with infinite alternate realities with probability 1, then infinite of them have God too and hence he does exist since God > Universe.

4. Mathematical Proof

Let 1 represent Presence of God.
So 1 = Presence.
Let 0 represent Absence of God.
So 0 = Absence.

0+1 = Absence + Presence = Presence of God = 1
Alternately, 0+1 = 1 = Presence of God

0-1 = Absence – Presence = Presence of a Devil = Presence of a neutral Devil = Presence of a neutral force = Presence of God = -1
Since, because God is not positive and hence Devil is not negative, and both are neutral.

0 = 1 + (-1) = Presence + Presence = Presence = 1
So 0 = Presence = 1
0 = 0 + 0 = 1+(-1)+1+(-1)+…=God omnipresent represented by 0
Also, God = Omnipresent by definition anyway
Hence 0 = Absence of God doesn’t exist and both 0 and 1 represent presence.

I am not talking about characteristics of God here. Just a supreme power required to create everything else.