Saturday, June 27, 2009

Stop taking those stupid IQ Tests...

It is time people realize that online free IQ tests are more often than not generic crap. They are highly misleading and doesn't show even the faintest true picture of your real score. School or Book IQ tests are much better that way, off course the best being professionally administered ones.

If you really want to measure your IQ, go in for these books:

The Ultimate IQ Test Book
Test Your IQ OR Check Your Own IQ by HJ Eyesnck


The Ultimate IQ Test Book 175 Binet Scale

Check Your Own IQ Average 170 Numerical 180 Wesler Scale

If you have to give some free online IQ tests, then go for these ones, they may or may not be accurate but certainly are fun if that is what you want:
They have got a few answers wrong though, you can ask me to correct them for you if you want Mensa Workout
27 out of 30

Websites which I found highly misleading: Although once they used to have a decent test, now they don't Again, capped at 144 and probably has a shielding effect when 120+

Most online IQ tests are based on the Wesler scale which is supposed to have reduced accuracy past 130 and non-existent past 160. It is the 15 SD (Standard Deviation) scale. Past that we normally use the Standard Binet scale which is 16 SD. Catell B scale is 24 SD.
From all the IQ tests and CAT questions that I did, I consider myself to be 170 on the Wesler scale and 175 on the Standard Binet scale.
115 Wesler = 116 Standard Binet
130 Welser = 132 Standard Binet and so on








130 Top 2.3% 1 in 44
145 Top 0.13% 1 in 744
160 Theoritically 1 in 30,000+
170 Theoritically 1 in 650,000 but probably practically 1 in 100,000
180 Theoritically 1 in 20,000,000 but practically 1 in 300,000
190 1 in 1,000,000
200 1 in 5,000,000,000

A person usually has a maximum IQ at the age of 16-22.

From what I feel, in the society we live, things are a lot different. Here is how...
120 Average amonst teachers and others
130 Average amongst doctors and lawyers
140 Average amongst researchers, PHDs etc
155+ Average amongst noble prize winners
125 is the average amongst students who go for post graduation

Therefore, in our society:

AVERAGE 120-140
People who get through decent colleges and/or those who go for post graduation.

People capable of making it to IITs or IIMs or the second options around.

People who are capable of scoring 100%ile in CAT, whether or not they achieve it.

RARE >170

I have recently also done CAT 2008 and the numerical and logical sections of CAT 2006 and CAT 2007. I could average somewhere around 70% with negative marking. 60-65% means a 100%ile. :D :P :) :D
I am not boasting but trying to point out that I scored well other than IQ tests as well.

From my little experience and knowledge, CAT percentage + 100 +-5-10 should roughly give your IQ score on the Wesler scale.

If you really want a somewhat accurate IQ score then go for the Ultimate IQ Test Book. Each test has 40 questions and has a limit of 1.5 hours. 16 questions means IQ 100 and each question thereafter is a +-5. There is no negative marking and the book is based on the Standard Binet scale from what I know.


Must be at least 30 minutes or more. 1-3 hours is recommended though.

Must have at least 40 questions.

Must have all three sections:
Numerical which must include series and the like
Visio-Spatial which includes figures
Verbal which is more than just vocabolary

Preferably must be professionally administered, so if you are good enough to do it yourself then it might pose less of a hindrance. :)

After 160 your score does not make much of a difference. Einstein had an IQ of 162 and Hawkings has a score of 168, yet they are regarded as the biggest geniuses ever. Above 140 you are suitable for any field, including science and philosophy and most noble prize winners are also between 155 and 165.

Friday, June 26, 2009

BBE(DU) results out...


Happy but slightly dissapointed!

Got Rank 30...waz expectin top 10 :(

Anyway, 30 is not bad either :P

Take care!


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

IP ko phod dala :P

Hi guys

I scored a rank 92 in IP CET 2009 (BBA Entrance).

I just can't imagine, a sub 100 after all. This is a great achievement really and it didn't take any effort as such either. :D

The downside is that I would rather choose Amity than any IP College. So...

Anyway, congrats to me, right?


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Here we go again...

Should I start blogging again? This time I promise you no restrictions on the content that will be posted because I am the High Command this time. After all I am the CEO of Weaving Thoughts.

If anybody wants any top notch poetry or sansanikhez life stories then please let me know.

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