Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The truth about packages

1. The high packages you hear are so rare that only 1 in 10 of the top 1% get them. So you are barely looking at the top 0.01% and there are more people who have their own business or startup and earn much more than these guys, if you really want to look at such a rare minority.

2. When the package is unbelievable then 100% of the times it is a foreign package and most likely worth peanuts in that country, far lower than the max domestic package in real terms.

3. Average to above average people even at IITs and IIMs are paid rather modestly.

4. These packages are still lesser than what Ivy grads get. The best of India compares to 80% of Harvard and the like, the best of Ivy is way beyond all of India together.

Average salary
7-9 lacs a year

Dream salary, top 10%
>12 lacs

Top 1%
>18 lacs

Maximum or near maximum domestic package with maybe one or two rare exceptions excluded
20-25 lacs

Average foreign package $60k or less

Max foreign package $150-200+


Average package 14+ lacs

Dream package 17+

Top 1% 20 lacs

Maximum 20-40 lacs

Average foreign $100k

Maximum foreign $200+ k

Delhi University (Stephens. Sscbs. Srcc. Lsr)

Average 5-6
Top 10% 7+
Top 1% 9+
Maximum domestic 8-12
Besides, the majority doesn't get placed except in Sscbs

Also, even these packages only have cash in hand as 60-70% of the ctc a 15 lac package is like rs80000-90000 cash in hand per month.

Many big companies deduct for stuff like office maintenance etc to the extent of 10-20% of gross etc and then there are taxes etc.

Only about 2-3% or less of IIM A and Top IITs get over a lakh cash in hand as domestic packages strain out of college. Of these 99% people make around 1.1.25 per month, so they barely scrape through.

Those who really study in college do know all this, except not the reporters of course :)

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Proof of God

1.Decision Maker

Who will decide how the big bang will happen? When it will happen? Who will decide how an atom will look? Somebody needs to decide and design such stuff. Even if they exist from infinity, back at time = minus infinity, you need to simultaneously design how the world will look. How electrons will be different from protons. Even if everything is a mess in reality, who ensured what was so that it led to this mess, which it isn’t anyway.

So the thing is, that you need somebody who can design the world. Why do the laws of force exist the way they do? Why not the reverse? Somebody needs to empower nature with it. And if nature itself is powerful enough to decide it, then it is powerful enough to change it as well, or to decide whatever it wants. In that case, you call it nature and we call it God.

Who created God? God. God’s definition includes an element where He can exist outside time and can create himself infinitely such that God itself created God due to the time factor. There is no other way to explain an infinite timeline even if somebody proposes that, although I don’t believe in an infinite physical timeline for this Universe, but that is not the point.

The point is, you need something which will determine things. Even if it is a random algorithm, who made it random. Who decided it?

2. Theory of Probability

When too many co-incidences tend to occur together, they are no longer co-incidences and hence an external force is at work. Such was what even Albert Einstein used to think. Have a look at the Universe around you. The probability that it would ever exist in the conditions it does, the probability that there would ever be life, the probability that everything be perfect and fine tuned rationally (assuming there is no rational force to monitor it) is literally zero, or close to that.

And whether you like it or not, there are infinite instances in this universe with a 1 in infinity probability. When taken together, they can’t really be a co-incidence, right? Of course, I am right.

Life on earth, or life anywhere in the universe
Big bang actually happening
Existence coming into being
Atoms being the way they are
Human bodies evolving the way they do
Perfection and details everywhere and in everything.

All this defies the principles of Probability unless a supreme being is in power.

3. Parallel Universes Theory

If there exist infinite universes with infinite alternate realities with probability 1, then infinite of them have God too and hence he does exist since God > Universe.

4. Mathematical Proof

Let 1 represent Presence of God.
So 1 = Presence.
Let 0 represent Absence of God.
So 0 = Absence.

0+1 = Absence + Presence = Presence of God = 1
Alternately, 0+1 = 1 = Presence of God

0-1 = Absence – Presence = Presence of a Devil = Presence of a neutral Devil = Presence of a neutral force = Presence of God = -1
Since, because God is not positive and hence Devil is not negative, and both are neutral.

0 = 1 + (-1) = Presence + Presence = Presence = 1
So 0 = Presence = 1
0 = 0 + 0 = 1+(-1)+1+(-1)+…=God omnipresent represented by 0
Also, God = Omnipresent by definition anyway
Hence 0 = Absence of God doesn’t exist and both 0 and 1 represent presence.

I am not talking about characteristics of God here. Just a supreme power required to create everything else.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Bespoke Resumes New Post

Bespoke Resumes New Post by Weaving Thoughts

Monday, September 12, 2011

Novelty Communication – A Small Mobile Phone Business Worth its Salt

Novelty Communication – A Small Mobile Phone Business Worth its Salt

I was introduced to Raman (owner) of Novelty Communication (and by the way it is Novelty Communication – NOT Novelty Communications) through my friend Ajit who is Raman’s first cousin. And thank God that Ajit did me this favor.

Novelty Communication is a small mobile phone business based in Chittaranjan Park (not in Kalkaji) run by Raman and his father along with a few employees. I have done business worth over a lac with Novelty Communications over the last few months of being introduced to them and given them referrals worth over half a lac (or perhaps more) as well. And I do admit that are not THE CHEAPEST in the market, but they are definitely reasonably priced.

I purchase all my mobile phones and tablets from Novelty Communication despite the above fact because of their customer service. Raman is a gem to deal with. Although short tempered at times, but very good at heart. I won’t lie to you. No, my last 1-2 experiences have had some hiccups, but Novelty Communication (based in Chittranjan Park, contact Raman) goes out of its way to make sure that I am finally satisfied.
This is one reason I prefer them over Flipkart or Infibeam because of their small business model which focuses on customer satisfaction above everything else. Although sometimes there are troubles, I am sure stories with any other big store would often be far worse to hear. In comparison, this honest business owner sticks to him word and does not deter in providing a refund if it does not involve losses for him.

Novelty Communication’s owners are honest, trust worthy, friendly and awesome to deal with. Novelty’s business model is based on personalized customer service and that is the only reason they are still in business. Yes, at times there can be problems. But by and large they try to help you out and do whatever they can to please every customer, and that price you pay becomes worth it due to this.

At Novelty Communication Chittranjan Park they basically deal in mobiles (and accessories) and tablets, both brand new and second hand, buying and selling both. And this is the best part. I can sell old stuff to them within minutes for a decent (not fantastic, but not too bad either) price. And their free home delivery within a matter of an hour or two beats any online website and shreds it to pieces. Am I not right? Of course I am, Novelty Communication :)
I am impressed with Raman at Novelty Communication. Although he runs a small business with a niche clientele, he is honest and sincere and tries hard to please the customer. Of course, he is not perfect but then none of us are.

I wish Novelty Communication every success in their business and hope Raman goes far in his dream of making it big in the mobile phone industry, at least as far as it is possible now :) Novelty Communication is worth recommending to a friend and if you agree with me, then do contact him for your mobile phone needs, you can give him my reference (Aakshey Talwar).

+(91)-(11)-41603848 +(91)-9811039212 , 9818455333K-1/38, C R Park, Delhi - 110019

Bottomline: I recommend my friends to buy from Novelty Communication!

Written by Weaving Thoughts (Content Creation). Owner of Bespoke Resumes.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Weaving Thoughts

For those of you who don't know already, I run Weaving Thoughts, a content creation firm with a strength of over 20 writers and a work flow of about 1 million words a month.

We are about to launch a web development unit too ;)

Sunday, July 10, 2011


Overclocking to squeeze the maximum juice out of your processor (CPU):

Have you ever considered overclocking your processor (be it Intel or AMD based)? What the hell is overclocking? I know, you would ask that. Well, suppose a CPU is rated by the manufacturer to run at 3 GHz but you still aren’t satisfied with its performance, then overclocking is the magical (LOL) method to fine tune the frequency of your processor and take it to the next level. At times the next level could even be near 5 GHz levels.

Well, of course each chip is different and it all depends on the processor chip in question. But that is the basic fundamental on which overclocking is based. And mind you, if done with some guidance it can really do wonders and you won’t blow or spoil anything. Yup, nothing at all. You just need to know what to do and how to do it.

I myself overclock all my processors, from the first time I got my personal PC (:P) and have never experienced any irreversible trouble so far. Worst comes worst, bring it back to stock frequency and not even the company can tell if it was overclocked.
Of course, things like cooling and stuff need to be considered and you do need to read up with respect to your particular chip before you take the plunge.

But overclocking Intel Core i7 and Core i5 processors can really make a lot of difference to their performance. Especially SB (Sandy Bridge) processors overclock like tasty cakes. They are little babies, overclockers’ delight.

You can squeeze out the last bit of juice from your computer by overclocking, it will probably last another 6-12 months before you need to change it. That is besides the fun and thrill of overclocking of course which is more important for us enthusiasts. It brings in a sense of achievement.

Overclocking can effectively prolong your effective computer life by giving you more power at the same price.

One such product which you could perhaps try if you are interested in overclocking is mentioned below:

Click Here!>

Friday, June 17, 2011

Suit Up!

Yup, so I was out there suit shopping. Ya, you read it right, my very first Men's suit! :D

From all the research I have done till now. If you want a really good suit in India, you have two options:

Although many people claim to offer this service, in reality, there are only three tailor shops in India which offer this service to even a small extent, and of them only one (Vaish at Rivoli) is relatively genuine at that, but again far from anything truly Bespoke.
1. Vaish at Rivoli in CP, New Delhi (Don't confuse with D Vaish or Vaish & Sons, both of which are absolutely crap)
2. Sywed Bawkher in Chennai
3. Kaichens in Mumbai (Not as good though)
All three make it to the top 3 most expensive and high quality tailoring shops in India and arguably one of the best ones in whole of Asia.

Being in Delhi (also since Vaish is undoubtedly No.1 in India), I of course went for Vaish at Rivoli. One thing I would like to stress on is that you should only go for 100% wool (even for summers) or a wool and cashmere blend unlike what every Indian fabric from Raymonds/Reid & Taylor is which is basically a polyester blend.

V@R suits start at 12k including tailoring and fabric and go up to 1 lac. Their average suit is around 25-30k. Most of the Indian fabrics (still 100% wool I guess) cost around 15-20k+- including tailoring. Italian fabrics are more expensive and I only saw Italian fabrics in his shop. It is unlikely to choose anything below 25k and in all probability anything good will be at least 30-35k with high end stuff starting around 50k or more.

I bought a Super Wool 140 from an Italian brand, a two piece, two button suit for 31500. A solid jet black suit. They showed us a high end Zegna fabric which was way way softer but priced at 65k :( You can get a Zegna suit made around Rs.45000 from Super Wool 130 though.

My suit in still being made and it usually takes around 3 weeks for completion. Other good tailors are basically located in Hong Kong and some other Asian countries, Europe being out of league for me of course :(

As for shirts, they basically make shirts in the 2-5k range and I ordered a baby pink Italian cotton shirt for 3800. They do keep Italian ties as well which range from 2700 to 7000+. I will probably pick up one of their ties soon too I hope :)

Now, if you don't want something tailor made, then the choice in India is pretty limited. The only choice I would recommend if you aren't willing to spend in the Hugo Boss league which will be 40-50k if not more, is Boggi Milano which ranges from 16k to 30k for made in Europe suits. However, at a given price point in India especially below 50-70k, no ready made suit can compete with one from Vaish at Rivoli, at the same price point, that is.

Other options are Esprit or S Oliver but I doubt they would be comparable to Boggi Milano in terms of quality and they probably wouldn't be cheaper either.

And if you really want a good suit, you need to spend at least 20-30k even as a start. Anything below that doesn't fetch you a good suit in any part of the world.

INDIA (Suits)
Entry Level : <12k (The cheapest stuff you get out there)
Low End : 12-20k (The cheapest stuff at Vaish at Rivoli or Boggi etc)
Mid Range : 20-40k (Most of the range at Vaish at Rivoli or decent brands like Boggi, though Vaish is recommended any day)
High End : 40k+ (Expensive stuff at Vaish or designer labels like Boss etc)
Ultra High End : 1.5-2L+ (Brioni starts around this price)

USA (Suits) Talking of sale prices, not MSRP
Entry Level : <$400 (Tommy, Calvin etc, much better than Indian entry level stuff though)
Low End : $400-800 (JCrew, Jos A Bank, Boss etc, comparable to Indian low end stuff from a good place like V@R)
Mid Range : $800-1500 (Stuff like Boss, Armani, and other designer labels or some cheaper bespoke tailors in USA)
High End : $1500-4000 (At this price anything in USA beats most Indian stuff)
Ultra High End : >$4000 (Brioni and all)

Also, when I say you need to spend 30k on a suit, most of the cost goes to the fabric and not the tailoring itself, though tailoring is 50% of the work in a suit. Vaish at Rivoli just charges 6k for a regular suit and 10k for a fully canvassed suit(strongly recommended) and the rest is the fabric. But compared to Raymonds pricing of 2-2.5k for tailoring a suit, this is quite steep and hence only the affluent and well off people are usually found buying off Vaish at Rivoli and other such places.

He boasts of a clientele which includes KK Birla, Shivender Singh, both ex US Presidents, recommended by Vir Sanghvi etc.

But if you get a suit twice as good even at 18-20k compared to a 12-15k Raymonds suit, something way out of the league, then you really can't call Vaish expensive. What more bang for buck do you want? :P

Btw, they do Tuxedos too starting at 20k :D

Anyway, let us see how this suit goes :)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Not to forget

Oh my god! What have I done? Who have I become? Oh no! NO...

I can't be doing this to my self. Do I even have the right to joy in these last desperate days of my life? It won't be too long before I would be gone, gone forever, gone for good.

Although it is destined to be so very soon, I sincerely hope that I die before June 2012 arrives and don't need to stay on this planet a day longer than just enough to make me a graduate.

But I know it will take a little longer than that :( I genuinely hope not though, I wish to die and die when I wish.

The purposes of this life has been achieved and I don't wish to complete the remaining tasks at hand. I don't wish to engage in massive destruction in this life and what has been done this time is more than enough as my work for this life.

Now please bless me with peace and wish that my life comes to and end before you can even guess, please my friends!


Saturday, March 5, 2011

And I show him down, every day!

Oh hell yeah, I show him down, because he is just no good. Who he? 'Fucking God', who else?!

I know that I can do a better job of every single moment, of every single person's life. I tell him that, flatly, in fact, as flat as can be.

Alas, why does God only have an IQ of 150 (my estimation) when 95% of the greatest geniuses could wipe his feet of the floor with their brains. And I of course, am much much superior to them all.

So fuck ya, God stands not a chance. He is as stupid as any god damn idiot can be. He is as arrogant and wicked as somebody so stupid for his position must be, and much worse.

I am better, I am the best, I can do a better job and he must now go to rest. I wish t he reins of this world don't stay with him much longer, he should resign and then it would be a fest :P

Saturday, February 26, 2011
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Friday, January 28, 2011

Are you rich? Or are you poor?

Are you rich? Or are you poor?

This is a small research which I have done recently based on the net annual household/family income before tax in Delhi and/or NCR.

At least most of the figures are approximate(plus minus) (some facts, and the others safe yet calculated estimated based on my research).

I have assumed that Delhi has a population of about of about 1.5 cr so the number of families should be around 50 lacs.

I am talking of both black/white money combined from all sources including dividends, interest, rent etc.

I have assumed that for every white rupee, there is at least around 1-3 rupees which is black.

%age of families: Bottom 25-50% of the population
USA: <$60,000
Delhi: < 8 lacs annual

%age of families: 50% (At least 15-20 lac families in Delhi)
USA: $60,000+
Delhi: 10,00,000 – 18,00,000
Net/Tax paid monthly income/Cash in hand(per month): 50-100k
Lower level Govt employees, lower/lowest level professionals, freshers.

%age of families: 15% (Around 7-8 lac families in Delhi)
USA: $120,000+
Delhi: 20,00,000 - 35,00,000
Net/Tax paid monthly income/Cash in hand(per month): 1L-2L
Very average/poor lifestyle.
Can afford to have one/two basic cars, but 1 hour daily journey may make the petrol bill almost unaffordable.
They can barely buy brands like Levis except during sale.
They can afford to eat out in low end restaurants, but not very frequently.
They can afford to go for a domestic trip to an average place and spend modestly.
Foreign education/travel, out of reach.
Basic engineers/doctors, lower level managers.

%age of families: <3-5% (Around 2-3 lac families in Delhi)
USA: $175,000(USA)-250,000(NY)
Delhi: 40,00,000 – 75,00,000
Net/Tax paid monthly income/Cash in hand(per month): 2.5L-4L
They can afford to live an acceptable lifestyle in the eyes of most people.
They can afford to keep 2-3 low/medium priced cars.
The richer of this segment can afford to shop for brands like Tommy, CK, Guess at at malls at full retail.
They can afford to eat out in a decent restaurant at least once a week, and many can afford five stars once every (few) month(s).
The rich of this segment can afford yearly foreign travels to countries like Singapore/Hongkong for a week or so. The baseline can afford such a trip about once in 2-3 years or so. But even the rich in this segment can’t afford yearly trips for the entire family to European countries, especially for a week or longer.
Some of them can afford foreign education, others need to struggle and still need some form of scholarship. Even those who can afford it, will really struggle paying a 1 cr per 1 degree bill.
Majority of the doctors/lawyers/professionals/managers, small businessmen

MASS AFFLUENT (Comparable to High Net Worth Individuals/Millionaire Households)
%age of families: <1% (Around 20-40k families in Delhi, approx)
USA: $350,000(USA)-500,000(NY)
Delhi: 1,00,00,000 – 2,50,00,000
Net/Tax paid monthly income/Cash in hand(per month): 5L-12L
They can afford to have a reasonable lifestyle in any part of the country.
Although people who are borderline can’t afford Accords, many of them do buy one. They can easily afford to keep multiple cars in the range varying from Hondo City/SX4 to Superb/Laura/Civic and even Accord/Mercedes for those around the 2 cr annual mark.
They can afford to buy brands like Tommy Hilfiger and above, Gant, sometimes Ed Hardy/Diesel (depending on the exact income) at full retail.
They can afford to eat regularly/frequently in good restaurants and at least once or twice a month in five stars.
They can afford foreign education but not to an unlimited education eg: If there are 3 children and all of them want to do both Bachelors plus Masters abroad at the rate of about 1 cr per degree, then that could be a problem.
They can afford foreign travel (in low/medium priced five stars) at least once a year to a moderately expensive country
Well off doctors/lawyers/executives, medium size businessmen

%age of families: 0.1%(Perhaps less than 5000 families in Delhi, out of 50 lacs)
USA: $1,600,000
Delhi: 3,00,00,000 – 7,50,00,000
Net/Tax paid monthly income/Cash in hand(per month): 15L-40L
Usually they can afford to maintain reasonable living standards in most parts of the world.
They can easily afford Accord or even Mercedes E(+) class.
They can afford to buy brands lke Gucci, Prada etc at full retail.
They can afford to have at least one meal a week in a five star, assuming 1 meal = 4-5 people, perhaps 2-3 meals a week if not more as well.
They can easily afford foreign education to any extent required.
Richest doctors/lawyers/CEOs, Directors of Ltd companies, celebrities, big businessmen

RICH (Comparable to Ultra High Net Worth Individuals)
%age of families:0.01% (Around 500 or so)
USA: $5,500,000
Delhi: 10,00,00,000
Net/Tax paid monthly income/Cash in hand(per month): 50L or more
Usually these people can afford to live in any part of the world and still be called rich.
They usually don’t need to buy anything less than a Mercedes E/S equivalent of India
They can afford to buy pretty much any brand in the market.
They can afford to keep nearly all/all their meals in five stars.
Richest few of the country, most of them are the richest industrialists of the country and some are super rich celebrities (usually only actors)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

How do you face a liar?

What do you do when everybody around you lies to you?

When people scream lies on your face, looking into your eyes?

When they ask you to fuck off when asked for a guarantee?

When they have been proven to be wrong time and again?

And what do you do when the only people you have is them?

And when these people encompass everybody from God to your parents, from well wishers to your teachers, from your friends and so on.

And what do you do when they don't give a fuck if you die?

Is it worth it?

Why is God so fucked up?

Should you take Hitler's path and kill?


Should you take Hitler's part and kill yourself?

Who was it?

Who knocked on my door
And then walked away before I would know
Who promised me big dreams
But was nowhere to be seen
Who always kept herself in care
And rarely ever shared a word fair
Who was forever in my imagination
But who never came very near
I guess she was a dream
Now what will happen even if I scream
Should I quit life
Or have it take its toll (on her)
Should I commit suicide
Or wipe the happiness of her face
Were there more people involved
Do you think I should fear
Or do you think it is time to just let me life tear apart
Time has passed and is still passing
But my due date is nowhere near
Albeit in my youth must I die
Justice still denied. Fuck God, that is why!