Friday, February 5, 2010

My Name is Khan

Going to be a great movie with a great cast directed by a great director with a great story line. :)

But, what SRK has is probably not Aspergyers, in this movie I mean. I don't know much but it looks closer to Autism, at least to me. There are not many ways of physically detecting Aspergers and especially showing it. There shouldn't have been any stiff body movements had they really been trying to show Aspergyers.

For those who don't know already, Aspergyers is a social disorder and found in 1 in 10,000 persons. It is far more uncommon than autism and very difficult to diagnose. Often those people are above average intelligence and sometimes purely genius material.

So much can I related the characters in that movie to my life, all the important characters I feel. Although my life is far tougher and much worse, but something on lines with the same. At least he has had his share of happy moments and will probably be fine by the end. I can't really comment the same about myself, sadly.

Anyway, looking forward to watch SRK in his new avatar. :D

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