Friday, November 9, 2007


HAPPY DIWALI 2 everbody!!! Have an awesome time, celebrate and rock!!

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Once again, Happy Diwali!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

A Relationship With God...!

Dis post of mine wud prolly not be much appreciated by Atheists or maybe even Agnostics for that matter, but the rest of us should pretty much feel at ease. :)

Talking on this might sound a lil strange, but anyway, have been fascinated with the idea of the very presence of God and philosophical thinking has sort of been like a passion since ages for me. Things like reasoning out that how can we prove God exists, what must be God's chief persona, his rules and much more. Again, philosophical, and abstract, very very abstract. In fact, existence of God has been proved by mathematicians and scientists in the past. Just for your information, you can link names like Einstein and Newton with the same. That is besides the point, however.

Who do you call God? What comes to your mind first when you think of God? Do you like God, or do have any other feelings for him? ??? Me for one, sometimes I like him, sometimes I even hate him. Every night I prey to him as, as a part of life you can say. Sometimes I plead him for help, other times I blame it wayyyy too hard on him. I prey everyday, more than once, yet regard him sometimes as an enemy(when life seems to hard) sometimes as a friend, for one, can atleast share each one of my feelings with him, even when there is no one around, kuch chuppana nahi padhta. :) Small prayers are sometimes answered, other times they aren't. But can tell this with good accuracy, his presence can be felt. By asking for things and getting them, even if you don't get all of it, you can, atleast I did to prove that God does exist! Obviously, it depends what you asked for and how important it really was, have pretty much got almost all the really really important things I ever wanted through prayer, hope it continues this way. :D

Nowadays, meditate for an hour a day ( I know with not much concentration), and it helps, all you need to do is know and follow the right method, thank God have been luck to get at least that :P...

Bottomline, not really sure what and why I ended up posting, but one thing is sure, GOD does EXIST!!! To top it, a relationship with God is unique, you can't have it with anyone else like that. Besides, it is the only truly permanent entity in anyones life, somebody who can't die, who can't change either, who stays the same, God! God bless all those who didn't believe in Him till now :), and strengthen the faith of the rest :D...

Signing out...
tata :P

Thursday, September 13, 2007

r v nt cold & cruel...?

Everybody knows already, that I left non veg (barring egg & gelatine) a couple of years back, till then offcourse I was a hardcore non veg whose breakfast, lunch and dinner was NON VEG.

You frigging cold people you are eating a living being, a creature who feels and responds just like us, come on guys, animals are if anything more sensitive than human beings, aren't they??? You are killing a living creature and eating it. For what? Pleasure, right! Don't gimme dat strength etc crap, cz what if a body builder just comes up to you and throws you right and left to practise, arre muscles hi to bana raha hai bachara. Right!

Just go to any diary farm and give it a nice look, then try eating chicken again. I bet terrors will run down your spine. And don't temme that it goes the same way for plants cz it doesn't. Here is how:


Ask any Guru or creator or any religion, more often than not nobody would ever ask you not to avoid plants whereas pretty often if not always, meat and the like are a strict NO!


Animals are living beings, killing them involves pain besides the murder, yes MURDER of a live. Ain't it inhuman and exceedingly cold to do that??? They can feel just like us, after their death, their children and maybe sometimes even families are left deserted. How would you feel if somebody eats ur mom up? Not great, right. Hurting any living being that too soooo seriously is nothing less than a BIG sin.

Now scientifically speaking, there is no real proof that plants are living. Without loosing ur cool, read on. What is ur definition of living? Something which consumes oxygen? Even iron does, and so would probably so many other minerals/substances. Does that make them living? NO!!!
My definition of living would be something which has feelings and can sense emotions. Even a robot can solve mathematics and beat most of us at a game of chess. AI iz pretty gud dat way. The only way to actually classify living and non living for most edible purposes is to ensure that you don't think anything gets hurt when you are preparing it for your dinner, just my 2 cents! :)
That is why you don't need to worry too much about killing bacteria as you walk, eat, u jst can't see them, dere is nothing u cn do. But you can save animals, can't you???
As for plants having emotions, oh yes they do and they are living too. But that is what religion teaches us, and it also teaches us not to eat animals. As far as science goes, plants are just substances (offcourse they aren't actually) and there is no logical explanation to them feeling any pain or being sensitive to being eaten. If you still can't feel towards a living being, then what is the difference between you and a sociopath? Temme. Come one, could have been u or ur family. If it ain't wrong to eat an animal, den it ain't wrong to eat a human being either, and yeh actually mein ho raha hai, mothers aka dianes eating their kids, for pleasure, that is.... Tis a shame, insaneet mar gayi hai!!!

Startling fact bolun to, even Adolf Hitler was vegetarian for the most part of it. Arre yaar usko bhi sahi nahi lagta tha kisi ko hurt kar ke ghana (He killed 6 million human beings though, that is a different story), par matlab it means u r worse than him in some ways atleast. :P

I know thoda lamba ho gaya, bt was well worth the trouble. Have kept it relatively short, would love to debate things out :D, par mujhse debate karega kaun? :P

God Bless!!!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

thoda mood ho raha tha :P

guys and gals, thoda PJs ka mood ho raha tha. so, here you go:

1) Jeeto: Kal raat tum mujhe neend mein tumne mujhe gaaliyan di
Santa: Tumhari galat fahami hai.
Jeeto: Kaisi galatfahami?
Santa: Yehi ki mein soya tha.

2)Early one morning, a mother Sardarni went in to wake up her Sardar son.
"Wake up, son. It's time to go to school!"
"But why, Mom? I don't want to go."
"Give me two reasons why you don't want to go."
"Well, the kids hate me for one, and the teachers hate me also!" (:D :P Devil's Grin HAHAHA)
"Oh, that's no reason not to go to school. Come on now and get ready."
"Give me two reasons why I should go to school."
"Well, for one, you're 52 years old. And for another, you're the PRINCIPAL!"

3)Lailaa ko majnu ka sms nahi aaya
Lailaa ne 3 din se khana nahi khaya
Lailaa marne wali thi majnu ke pyaar main
Aur majnu betha tha
SMS free hone ke intezar main

4)2Day is day of smart people!
So send this msg 2 sum 1 who
Looks smart. Plz don’t send back 2 me
I already have received 1,09,85,952 msg,
I think this is 1st msg for u..

5)Niel armstrong chand per gaya aur kaha
Oh jiss ki qabar banani thi wo to zameen per hii reh gya
Itney mien apka phone aaya Neil armstrong ko…
Yaar armstrong tum mujeh nechey hii bhool gay.

i knw dis r real PJs, pata nahi how i ended up wid dis crappy stuff, par anyway den, tyme nahi hai, g2g to nanu & nani's place. dil khol ke badla lena :P, i mean comment karna. tab tak, shabhak hair, shub rat wali, maaro nara!

- akshay

Friday, September 7, 2007

a lil' sumthin...

umm, ahh, so what am I doing here after dunno how many weeks or even months? Good question, figure it out urself!!!

here i am, a new blog, ABOUT ME, and just hope dat i dnt face any dangerous(*ahem*) criticism dis time. Ne problems???

So, here we start. Dn't realli knw how to, aise hi thoda thoda tit bits, chalega, hain nah!

Log puchte hain, "Tu skool kyun aata hai?", what the crap, kya skool padhne hi aaye jata hai, lol... I feel 'Nopes'. HAHAHAHA

Den, realli amused with Rahul and Arpit aka Mad Hatter's new joke, you gotta listen to believe it :D

Den one thing i thnk i cn mention is ma Eng paper. I got just 1/10, yes 1, not 10, in the factual description. Arre yaar, SRK pe likha tha to kya hua, Chak De India wale Kabir Khan pe likha tha nah, socha tha amusing hoga, too much amusing nikala, yaar...

I knw tum log bour ho rahe ho sakte ho, but who cares...LOL! If u thnk i have gone mad, :P, den wen was i nt MUAHAHAHAHA :D

Anyway, have a nice day, peaceful night, take care!