Monday, November 30, 2009

Weaving Dreams

Finally my dreams will come true tomorrow. :)

Opening a partnership firm "Weaving Dreams" with a friend (and my computer dealer) Gagandeep.

Opening the bank account tomorrow.

Hopefully, the ball is start rolling soon enough...:P

Warm Regards



Anonymous said...

As I learned sometime back, you were running a company by the name "Weaving Thoughts" right?

What happened to that?

Anonymous said...

It wasn't a concern.

Let's see some first quarter stuff, I'd like to see some financial backing.

Actually I was going to order until I saw some samples, you're not so bad yourself but your team is ridiculous.

Akshay said...

My team is better than me. So keep that to yourself.

Unknown said...

What is "Weaving Dreams" all about?

Anonymous said...

Keep what to myself? Cmon man if you're going to offer a service the least you can do is accept criticism.

I ordered and wasn't satisfied why should I keep that to myself? Is it because I'm not the only one?

Akshay said...

Stop fooling around. Had you not been satisfied then you would have the guts to not post anonymously.

There are not many unsatisfied clients of mine.

Anonymous said...

I guess it depends, if you want articles for the trash then sure I would've been satisfied.

And what's wrong with posting anonymously? Does it pain you not to know the people who post on your blog?

I've read over it's just anonymous postings most of them somewhat negative.

I don't know why you attract so many bad vibes it's almost strange.

Maybe it's something about the way you write, first you write in such a suppressive manner and then try to assert domination.

You aim to be a loving, caring, sensitive person but inside it seems that's not the case.

I guess appearences can be deceiving.

Akshay said...

There is something wrong in your head.

If you think that you have a heart and I don't then there is something seriously wrong in you.