Friday, November 6, 2009

Obsessions VS Love

Was talking about obsessions with a friend recently, so thought should include a bit on that as well. I won't really be discussing much about love here, I guess I have done that before. I will just mention the factors which differentiates obsessions from true love.

The two characteristics of obsessions are:

It doesn't last forever. If not in this life then in the life after death, it will end sometime. The same can't be said about love.

It is selfish and with a motive which is not selfless. This is again contrary to love.

If any of the above mentioned characteristics are met then we can say that an obsession is at hand.

Also, obsessions are always with non-materialistic things and in case somebody is obsessed with a soul then that person is considering that soul to be a non-materialistic thing or a toy.

There is a degree of obsessiveness, you can be more or less obsessive, with time for instance. Love is constant, it starts from infitity and you love infinitely to infinity, it can't be measured. You can't love more or less. Obsessions are relative in that sense whereas love is absolute.

Another point to note will be that the work "Obsession" has a plural whereas Love is unchanged, ever, wherever, whoever, forever...:P

For instance, I love an imaginery angel but at one point of time was almost obsessed with my computer. So, well, obsessions needn't be only bad either.

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Unknown said...

Life is not a theorem that can be proved through reasons. Sometimes there are things that can't be justified and are best not understood.......that in itself is the essence and beauty of our existence. Otherwise, everything would be so boring and dull!:P

Akshay said...

Everything has a reason. And life is governed by theorems and laws, by nature defined rules.

It is wrong for a normal human being to leave everything to intuition without have adequately backed up reasons.

Unknown said...

You can't always justify your feelings........can you?

Akshay said...

They always have a reason, whether you can explain it or not.

Anonymous said...

You are mentally ill...and hell according to your logic i don't need to have a reason that i can explain coz there is always a reason..

Akshay said...

The very fact that the comment has been posted as anonymous means that there is a coward behind it.
Need I say more?

What enemity do I have with you to be insulting me like this?