Sunday, November 8, 2009

Before Pulling the Trigger

A few goals I aim to accomplish before pulling the trigger:

Age 22 : Rs.5 lacs a month

Age 25 : Rs.20 lacs a month


And if things go right at the speed they are then I hope I make my dreams come true soon. This month I am already expecting a net income of Rs. 1.5-2 lacs and I really hope that I am able to make over 10-15 lacs in this financial year so it is not that bad a start at all.

In fact, this income is a huge improvement since before and I do hope that the bulk of work I am getting right now stays, so do the clients and writers. Then eventually I will start more businesses as well.

Let us hope for the best...


Anonymous said...

But why do you want to pull the trigger after becoming a millionaire and if finally you want to pull the trigger, why the hell would you earn so much money. What will you do with so much money if your final aim is to commit suicide(Correct me if I am wrong!). Well, I don't know what you would do with such a large sum but still best of luck for your aim.

Akshay said...

1. Thanks a lot for your comment.

2. I don't know why anybody would post such a comment as anonymous. Do I even know you? Anyway, no problem.

3. I didn't mean that I would commit suicide, that would be best done NOW.

4. I have some work in mind which I plan to do afterwards.



Unknown said...

Hey you forgot something....

Age 31: Marry Roshni and gift her a limousine and a bungalow in Switzerland

Akshay said...



Unknown said...

this post has been directed to income tax department.. soon there will be an income tax raid and all black money gone with the wind!! :P all the best! earn earn, make others earn too..