Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Don't Take It!!!

Do I think ill for the person I once loved(now I only love my angel who is imaginary)?
Not really.

Would I be happy if is harmed and cries?
Of course, yes...But,

I don't want to harm her. I understand that being a sociopath God has indeed chosen a tough life for her where she will never have the chance of feeling any genuine love or deep happiness. I pity her and want to make her a human, and I surely will, in my next life.

However, being human, I can't get over the pain I am going through and her unhappiness genuinely will put a smile to my heart. I don't even want to loose this feeling because as it is I will never get even the slightest happiness or peace in this life. So, why should I loose something which at least gives me some happiness?

At least this much is my right, is it not? I am not harming her, not even thinking ill of her. But if something bad does happen to her, independent of me, then why can't I be happy? In my next life of course I will try my best to forget about this life and love her enough to convert that stone brick into a warm heart.

But as of now, what can I do? Ain't my fault, sorry!!


Anonymous said...

I hv bin reading ur blogs randomly for sumtime boy..
I think U are chasing after ur love too much and she is running away from u being scared.
Take my advice. Stop thiking or dreamin abt her and she may come back to u one day.. not surely but thats ur only chance.
I knw its a hard thing to do wen u r in love buit I wud say. dont forget the man in u and love ur self esteem more than any girls.. remember all girls no matter who they are can never love a guy who has no self esteem.. forget abt love they dont even dat such a guy..

Take this advice.. Sart dating others and care less for her.. if she is around she will see u dating other gals.. seeing u wid other gals she will feel more attraction for u as all gals want a guy who is being desired by the other gals.

Who knows u may start to like sum1 else.. now dont say it cant happen as u are too mcuh into ur love and blah balh.. all crap..

who know U may start 2 like sum one and she may like u bak.. and in future ur so called "true love" may come back to u as u wud certainly be more attractive to her than wat u r now... and who knows, u may jus turn her down by sayin.. sorry gal ur time is over.. I have a better taste now.. hehe.

This happns kid..
Do remember one things.. Gals are all practical.. their claim to be sentimental or emotional is very shallow.
They always want aguy who is strong, happy, well settled, gud lookin, rich and yes they hope he is loyal but men are not really loyal at core.. hehe
This is how the world runs..
Who has see wat happns after death.. nobody

Jus enjoy life.. make mony and yes y are a smart guy with a creative head on ur shoulder.. try not to wate it on a gal who cares more for shit than u... dont mind..
I am jus a well wisher of urs..
Hope u have a gud lfe ahead..

Anonymous said...

Well, Akshay.. The question is why the hell u to live the way u do if u don't like it?

Lets see.. a creative intelligent guy wasting his life away in persuasion of the love for a girl who gives balls to his feelings..
How about a life where you like to live carefree, earnin money, enjoy doing all u do and the girls including the one u are bursting ur balls over each day of ur life, falling all over u..
Some tips for this life to exist at some point in future, surely not a near future but may not be too long away(2-3 years down).

1. Quit looking like a geek.. No attractive girls ever like a geek no matter how much he loves her. Groom ur looks. Pay attention to urself.

2. Join a gym as soon as u can to look like a genetically superior male specimen. Work hard and see the results for sure. You have to work har for 1 year atleast.

3. Gymming is just a start and its not everything. Develop a manaly personality which is confidant, sensetive, positively humorous, naughty(girls dig naughty handsome guys, including the ones like ur Angel.)
The key is u must look and feel manly then the girls will chase u around and ur Angel will be one in the crowd... trust me on this.

4. Money talks, so keep making money in ur life. Also, stop abusing ur parents in public. Most girls who want a long term relationships like guys who respect their parents. U keep ur grudges in ur heart and try to work it out all by urself like a man.

5. Quit complaining how bad the life's been to u. Its wid all and the ones who are capable of changing things are the ones who get the best of the lyf. Rest are losers who only cry and feel pain through their misrable lives.

6. Never make love, especially a girl, ur weakness. Be her weakness.
How?? Follow tips 1 to 5.

All the best dude and trust me my friend if u follow this for 2-3 years... u are really gonna rule through the rest of ur life. Cheerio!!