Thursday, May 6, 2010

Bhoots do Exist

Had exams going. And was spending some time breaking the ceilings of high range IQ tests as well, well, almost. lol

Well, coming to the point. According to paranormal science, bhoots or ghosts as we call them do exist in reality. They are definitely not a part of our every day living. However, to call them non-existent would technically wrong, wrong, and misleading.

Bad (most of the time invisible) spirits do exist and when they take birth as a human we call them psychopaths. I personally know of one for sure. But that is of course besides the point. No matter what some saints say, of course only those who are deprived of advanced scientific knowledge, there is no denying that spirits do exist and not all spirits are angels.

Although I don't want to send shivers down your spine nor keep you up late at night with goosebumps, but the next time you hear of a story, try not to belittle it. And NO it hasn't really ever happened to me as yet, thankfully :)

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Akshay said...

lol, who asked you.