Sunday, January 17, 2010

@ The Heartless...:(

Hey Heartless

Let me make something very clear. If you are indeed my angel and the rest that happened isn't your mistake, then it is cool. No need to even ask for forgiveness if you are willing to accept your mistake and change the game.

But, in case my assumption of your not being my angel is right. Then girl, you are going to experience the time of your life in the time to come. You may have felt that I did not truly love you and that it was all lust or that I was joking or that it would die out, but if you still feel the same then rest assured, there is something terribly wrong with you. And if there is something so wrong with you, the time will come when you will be forced to pay the price for it, a very heavy price indeed.

YOU WILL BE PUNISHED!!! I promise you that. No exceptions! None...
I will take care of that. Doesn't matter whether it happens in this life time or after death or in your next birth. The revenge shall be taken and the most serious measures will be taken against you. There will be absolutely no mercy. Sure, I may not do anything as bad as close to what you did to me. But unbearable physical and mental torture is on the cards and no matter who you prey to or call for help will be able to save you from me.

I don't believe in humanity any longer. You killed the human within me long back. I will be back, I promise and tables will turn. I will make sure of that. Whatever is the worst you can dream of will then seem like heaven to you.
And please don't make the mistake of considering this an empty threat. Enjoy all you can this life time, as I don't have enough time to teach you a lesson right now. But once I am back, it will be a lot different then. Nobody will be able to save you.

And the same goes for Guruji as well but punishing him is not quite as important as punishing you. Do what you can, I challenge you. Go hide wherever you can, looser.
Have the guts? Come infront of me once and see what I do to your face. You won't be able to recognize yourself in the mirror if I want it that way.

Ah, I repeat, if I am on the wrong track all this may never happen. And I will get to know the truth after I die. So rest assured, nothing unfair will happen to you. YOU WILL GET WHAT YOU DESERVE!!!


You have ensured a very tough life indeed for the rest of the lives which the three of us are left with. :(


Deejay18 said...

Sometimes people can be heartless..i never thought you were anything but a loser, was i wrong i dont knw and i think its pointless now...but i told you long ago that you needed to move on will tell u that again..Oh and one other thing..what i knew of you was that you couldn't hurt anything in this world..its tragic isn't it that great love inspires such great hatred..find peace my friend..all i can say is the person you hate and love so much is not an angel but just a human being..and too hate someone for being human is harsh..

Akshay said...

So finally at least someone posted from his profile. I am glad. :)

What you did, was somewhat human. So I forgive you.

What she did was far from human, far worse than what even devils or witches do. She is not human being. I hate the crap out of her and she will be punished for sure. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

I don't have enough time to reveal my true nature in this birth, nor do I have courage to fight her out because I need a break when I must be only with my angel in heaven. But after that dream of mine I will be back on earth, I will be there, she will be there and he will be there and the game will begin.

I will restore peace in this world, I promise this to you. Give me some more time. Whether I live or I die, I will not forget my mission. I need love, but my mission is also mine as well. Please don't worry, I am not scared of causing pain and instilling hatred in this world. That is my path to great order. Heartless it may seem, but this is what this world has made out of me now.

And I am still willing to accept you as my friend. Please do give me a call sometime. My number is +919910623813. I would love to talk to you again. Although there is some bitterness in me about you, I also like you to some extent. And after all you are a human, so it is my duty to forgive you. I won't do what you did to me. That I won't even to that bitch, but her fate is anyways doomed. This life is probably going to be smooth and nice for her because I have planned it that way I guess. :(

I invite you to be a close friend again. The choice is yours. But this time I don't want any bitch to come in between. I want you to promise this to me if you accept my offer.

I may not see long enough to see you married and settled. Have a nice life ahead and all the very best for your career. With your IQ little is impossible. May you get a really beautiful partner and live a splendid and cheerful life.

I on the other hand will head to Switzerland (Dignitas) in the same time. :)

Akshay said...

And one thing I would like to tell everybody, especially the two of you and to my Guruji:

Love is timeless
The popular belief that time heals everything loses its appeal when it comes to a true lover.

No matter what, love remains conserved. Not even death can separate love from the soul.

@Guruji and Enemy 1
The two of you have done the grave mistake of challenging not me but love in its purest form. Whether or not I take action, love will find its way of punishing the two of you the right way.

If you are genuine, even I hope that things go straight in the future. But that isn't something I can bank on? Can I? You need to prove your worth to me and not the other way round.

As of now, Dignitas is on the cards but I will be returning soon. Till then, rot in hell.

Akshay said...

And one more thing, DJ. You have completely destroyed me. Whether you genuinely intended to do so or not, I accept defeat. I have lost. You have won. Now if that gives you happiness then I am sorry but this is not the way to treat fellow human beings.

I still don't plan to hurt you, take care.

Deejay18 said...

Everyone will get what they deserve..if your love's true it will be rewarded i guess..and whatever you want to think you can know how to get in touch..get in touch anytime..i dont want to win and i hope you get what you want..peace out

Akshay said...

Till now I haven't got what I deserve. I live in the hope that someday I will get justice.

As of now, whether you want to win or not any longer, you are the undisputed winner.

Even I want happiness for you but that is something which is out of bounds for me.