Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What next???

Just postponed an order worth roughly INR 7 lacs from my favorite client. The ideal deadline is January 2010 end. What next??? :P

January has been the best so far. Already crossed a turnover of over a lac, previous payments due over a lac, in house works over 2 lacs and much more coming. New clients coming each day. Off course this is the turnover and not the profit. And off course everything will probably not happen. but even if I reach a profit of 1.5-2 lacs this month, although I may not, but still pretty good. Now, what else do we call successful? :D

Expecting at least four big orders, two from overseas and two from Cochin by the end of the month. :)

Just for your information, the overseas client Sean had thrown me out a while back and refused to send any more work my way. Today, I can proudly guess that I am his right hand and at the way things are going I might be able to pun (not exactly) that I become his only writer one day. :P
So you never know how things work out with time. :)

Now we have really got the ball rolling... :P :) :D

The only thing left is being able to use this money to serve my angel. :( So much I wish that she was a part of my success. Without her I feel so empty and void... I love her the same way as I did once. No, much more now. :)


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