Thursday, December 17, 2009

December 2007

I regret that decision.

In December 2007 I went to Guruji (Sirsa) to solve my problem. He supposedly showed me the path and moved me away from the path of suicide. In February 2008 I reiterated that my dreams will be blessed true. I regret of not having committed suicide back then, when I had the will and the power.

Today I stand, weaker than ever. He asks for another 2.5 years to pass by before any of my wishes can be granted. Now how is that fair? Is he not being unfair? Isn't he cheating me?

And how the hell is it in best interest to go through so much pain. I see no reason as to how it can benefit anybody.

I am so disappointed. But then I have no choice but walk his path and study my ass off the next 2.5 years.

From tomorrow I will now try to study some 4 odd hours daily in the hope of inviting heaven to my life.

:) :( :P :D

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