Monday, December 28, 2009

College Life is Such a Waste

My college life is such a waste. 3 years of studying studying and only studying. Well not three, but the remaining 2.5 years I plan to take really seriously. So something like 3-5 hours a day of studying. Now that doesn't leave me with too much time, does it?

Whatever is left is taken up by my work, although just by Weaving Thoughts for now. To top is, the CA is crazy over my head to do some serious accounting and which in his opinion is going to take more than what I work in a day. Now that is a crazy life! :(

Whatever little is left, I either talk to phone to either Ajit, Roshni or Sandy for the time being and play a game or two. Often I may listen to music after my new speakers arrive. Now this part still isn't that bad but then that is hardly a fraction of the total time consumption.

With all that said, what time do I really have to do anything fruitful? After these mad years studying, all I plan to do are businesses which are barely related to the curriculum of my bachelors and where I have very good chances of success even otherwise. So it basically means I waste my time and loose my life to stupid stuff.

What a waste of my college life!

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