Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Google will never kill SEO. Do you know why?

Google will never kill SEO. Do you know why?

Contrary to what most people might think, Google will never kill SEO. In some respects and to some extent Google even likes SEO. Why?

Ever wondered why Google keyword tool etc is free?
They themselves provide the door to their secrets, to tweak them. They don't have to. Very few people would get them if they don't. But they want a level playing field and those who are good deserve page 1. That is why.
They don't need to provide these details, traffic details etc. But they want only good people to make it to the top and that requires a level playing field. That is why Google does this.

How do you think Google Adsense and Adwords tweak themselves without letting you know?
When the best people know which ads are going to make the most amount of money, they choose only them and in doing so not only they but Google too makes money. It is a WIN ALL situation for everybody.
If you need to guess in the dark and don't know how to compete, you will never make money for all those keywords and nor will Google. And Google definitely doesn't want that.

Yes, Google does dislike overestimating or overvaluing a website through SEO. And thus blackhat tricks and lots of other techniques are slowly getting banned or at least losing their value with time. It doesn't encourage SEO in all respects, only the part which is good for the people.

Google wants a content driven Internet, be it in the form of articles or videos, but quality content which is valued by people. And if you bring quality to the table through something of value, you will forever stay in business. :)


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