Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Lonely Drift

I walk alone. All on my side, but, yet alone. I flow with this dirty tide. No friend do I have, none on my side. I never experienced companionship. I wish I wasn't born. I wish to stop fighting soon enough. But my creator doesn't let night dawn.

Why don't I have friends you may ask? Thank God I don't have those who anyway won't last. Well, I don't really mean to say that I thank God, partly being an athiest. But anyway, what is the point of having people who are not good enough for me? What is the point of people I don't regard equal to me?

At least I am gifted. And I am alone gifted. Well, at least I call one in a billion to be alone, don't know about you. So I had to probably be born alone. But to apply the Law of Symmetry, mustn't I die alone too? I don't know, I am yet to master this unchanging law I discovered.

I hate life. I love death. I love to be no more. I love to not be alone any more. What a fool I have been? Always been truthful and honest to be shredded to tears and left crying but still having death spare me. I don't wish to continue this journey too long. But alas, the path has just begun and everything has gone all wrong.

Let us get back to the task. Let REVENGE be my mask, to hide my tears. Let money rule, let the cruel seem CooL, I don't want to become another fool by diving into the pool of the commoners yet again.

I know I have disappointed my readers, but, I hope that you like this one and enjoy it until the times dawns for another pun, and I am really sorry, but not forever will those relying on me see the Sun.


And remember, revenge does bring peace. Although it is wrong, it makes you strong.


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