Saturday, September 15, 2007

A Relationship With God...!

Dis post of mine wud prolly not be much appreciated by Atheists or maybe even Agnostics for that matter, but the rest of us should pretty much feel at ease. :)

Talking on this might sound a lil strange, but anyway, have been fascinated with the idea of the very presence of God and philosophical thinking has sort of been like a passion since ages for me. Things like reasoning out that how can we prove God exists, what must be God's chief persona, his rules and much more. Again, philosophical, and abstract, very very abstract. In fact, existence of God has been proved by mathematicians and scientists in the past. Just for your information, you can link names like Einstein and Newton with the same. That is besides the point, however.

Who do you call God? What comes to your mind first when you think of God? Do you like God, or do have any other feelings for him? ??? Me for one, sometimes I like him, sometimes I even hate him. Every night I prey to him as, as a part of life you can say. Sometimes I plead him for help, other times I blame it wayyyy too hard on him. I prey everyday, more than once, yet regard him sometimes as an enemy(when life seems to hard) sometimes as a friend, for one, can atleast share each one of my feelings with him, even when there is no one around, kuch chuppana nahi padhta. :) Small prayers are sometimes answered, other times they aren't. But can tell this with good accuracy, his presence can be felt. By asking for things and getting them, even if you don't get all of it, you can, atleast I did to prove that God does exist! Obviously, it depends what you asked for and how important it really was, have pretty much got almost all the really really important things I ever wanted through prayer, hope it continues this way. :D

Nowadays, meditate for an hour a day ( I know with not much concentration), and it helps, all you need to do is know and follow the right method, thank God have been luck to get at least that :P...

Bottomline, not really sure what and why I ended up posting, but one thing is sure, GOD does EXIST!!! To top it, a relationship with God is unique, you can't have it with anyone else like that. Besides, it is the only truly permanent entity in anyones life, somebody who can't die, who can't change either, who stays the same, God! God bless all those who didn't believe in Him till now :), and strengthen the faith of the rest :D...

Signing out...
tata :P

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