Sunday, January 24, 2010

Why do we need psychopaths?

For those who don't know, let me first introduce the term psychopath. A psychopath is a living being (usually in the form of a homo sapien) I guess who has absolutely no human like emotions, at least none other than those present due to selfish reasons.

To explain a little further, psychopaths are people who lack a conscience and have absolutely no regret or remorse for hurting, harming or even killing any human being and our only protection from them is through our law and their feeling of staying within the society. They are emotionless beings who have absolutely no concern for anybody except themselves and sometimes maybe for their obsessions or people who they think can come in handy.
In short, they lack what we call is our 'soul' which is the only thing which supposedly makes a living being a human being.

Often psychopaths turn out to be hardcore and cold blooded criminals and murderers. Not more than 1% of the population comes under this category of people. But if you really come to think of it, it is still quite a bit. It means that of all the people who we will interact with in our life or with who we have interacted, at least a few or maybe even several have such behavior patterns and in most of the cases it is very difficult to be able to decipher from from the rest of us. They live regular lives just like the rest of us and more often than not hide these tendencies from the rest of the world. Very often they are smart and attractive people, people who know what works in this world and thus they know how to get their way through situations.

I ASK why did God have to create psychopaths for this world in the first place? Why do we need to infuse so much hatred over here? Why do we need more pain that is already present? One person who I am not fully sure but who is possibly a psychopath is the girl I fell for. She has absolutely no sign of any emotions and I doubt whether it would be respectful to the human race to call her a human in the first place.

People like this don't deserve to stay in this world. And it is very difficult to keep them in prison because they may not have committed as major crimes or those punishable by law and after all being humans we need to fair, even if we have to be fair to devils. Psychopaths are demons, they are exactly opposite of angels and the sad news is that they do exist and that is a bad reality of life.

I hope that light shines and such people are converted to angels like in heaven. But alas, my life has to end in pain now. :(

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