Saturday, January 2, 2010

So, miracles do happen :)

Let me tell you two of the very significant miracles that have happened to me.

1) When I went for the AIEEE counseling with papa, he told me to fill one college at the top which has impossible for me to get under any circumstance. He told me that I will get it, but will not be able to use it. Also, he said that after this my faith shouldn't wander. I knew that getting IIIT Allahabad was impossible, absolutely no chance. It was like saying that a 15k ranker can get through JEE and get a seat in one of the IITs. Till date IIIT A's cutoffs had been close to 5k. I knew I wouldn't get it. The day of the result came. I wasn't expecting anything and nor did I care a damn as for obvious reasons(my angel) I wasn't prepared to leave New Delhi under any circumstance.

Guess what! I got through IIIT Allahabad. That year the cutoffs went over 14k! I don't know what happened and how did it happen. Off course it must have had a reason but why did it happen to IIIT A of all colleges when neither me nor papa were aware of anything that was about to happen. I had chosen IIIT A as my first choice and got it bang on. But off course as promised, I wasn't meant to use that miracle so I was to stick with Jaypee Noida.

2) For years CBS's entrance examination has been known to have 60 GK questions, something I am pathetic at. Even according to this year's brochure, nothing had changed and the only chance of me not getting through was if the GK came unknown to me. Before the entrance examination, a devotee of Sai Baba told me that I should take up BBA over BTeech if I want success.

What a chance? This year the GK section comprised of only 30 questions and the rest were split into the other sections. The short GK section was pretty much the only miracle that could get me through. I wasn't expecting to pass, I was almost sure that I wouldn't. I hadn't even preyed for it.

But it happened!

As for the success part, There have been times, very bad times, very sad times when my business was all destroyed and I was pretty much making no money. The guy I met at the first day of my college told me the trick to which I can attribute 100% of my income today. The very reason I am doing so well, maybe the very reason that this business is still alive because I met that guy. Nothing better could have happened.

These are just two of the many miracles that have happened to me. Many more small miracles have happened, many because of meditation. Many because maybe I have been lucky.

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