Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Music the way its meant to be heard...

Hey guys

Just got my Audioengine A5Bs. They are entry level active (ie.self amplified) bookshelves and just 90W RMS and I am sure that they can pretty much blow away any home theater you have ever heard, even if you own a Bose or an Onkyo. :P

They sound great. Not perfect! But a near cinema experience minus the surround effects.

There are just two speakers and nothing else and even when I am lying on the bed I can feel the motions vibrate. :D Now that is without the subwoofer. Too powerful, ain't it?

Kuch is Tarah sounds awesome on it.

Although I could have done with a 100k setup, for the while this is all I could lay my hands on and they are good.

Anybody wanting a demo can come over to my home and have it. By the way, in terms of sound quality these are supposed to kick the ass of any sound setup in 30-40k including the likes of Bose, Jamo, Onkyo and Denon. :)


Neil said...

I personally have not experienced Audioengine A5Bs but I do own 3:2:1 Boss and I am not super impressed by it. Price for Audio Engine is definitely outstanding ($199 for 2 speakers) , I'm considering it.
I'll let you know how this goes.

Akshay said...

You mean Bose 321. I am not too sure but I think that it is a pretty high end setup and if you want any comparison then it would be compare only to the A5Bs or A5Ns preferably with the AS8 subwoofer.

From what I have heard, the A2Bs blow away the Bose 2.1 basic computer speakers.

But if you want something to be as good or seriously better than the Bose 321, then it would only to fair to spend anything between 0.5 - 1 times the price of the same. Don't you think so? :)