Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I wish...

That every lover finds his love.

Nobody is loved by more than one lover.

Everybody falls in love.

All this happens within the span of each and every lifespan and as soon as possible.

Just the right amount of wait is involved and the pain must be kept bearable with no sign of suffering even the slightest.


Sunega kaun??? :(


Anonymous said...

what is love?
Players only love you when they playing, they will come and they will go..

Akshay said...

1. If you are so spiritual, why do you live? Find yourself a place in God's lap or something?

2. Rest assured, true love persists even after death. It doesn't die.

3. And, if you try to make anybody cry throughout his life to test him. Then be prepared to reap far worse consequences in return and a couple of centuries in burning hell for the same.

4. You are still an amateur I guess. Just relax.

5. I will die and find peace. You should worry about the people I will leave behind and the people I will punish in my next life.