Thursday, February 11, 2010

Why I hate my father so much...

First of all, I did not hit him, not today nor ever after the promise to my angel.

Now let me tell you a few reasons why I hate him so much. I would rather be an orphan than have the parents I have. I curse them that never in any of their births starting the very next should they ever be gifted with a child.

I take back my words. It is usually against my policy to curse but this is something my heart genuinely felt when I wrote it.

1. He is violent both physically and verbally, abusive and insensitive.

2. He starts shouting at me even if I am polite.

3. He doesn't care how much money I make or how much money I loose to clients who do not pay. He doesn't care about lending even a helping hand.

4. He doesn't care no matter how I do in my exams and he would rather I leave college than do it because I need some help of my parents in completing my degree.

5. He doesn't care if I have no money for my allowance.

6. He doesn't care whether I commit suicide or am murdered as long as he doesn't have to go to jail.

7. He is disrespectful and wrong.

To be very honest I have absolutely no respect for him and I nearly hate him. I would rather have him out of my life completely and absolutely had some points been to my advantage.

And I can promise you that he is not worth having as a father. He may be a capable doctor, a high IQ individual and an average earner, but as far as being a father is concerned he is rubbish. He probably is okay with most people he interacts but few people know how much trouble it is to tolerate him at home.

I don't care what anybody thinks of this post, I can't hide all this forever. If you think that I am wrong then that is your problem and not my concern. But I still literally hate him...

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Anonymous said...

DUDE! Chill out man! Relax. Smoke a joint or two. There are lots of people in your colony who smoke..go chill with them.