Thursday, September 13, 2007

r v nt cold & cruel...?

Everybody knows already, that I left non veg (barring egg & gelatine) a couple of years back, till then offcourse I was a hardcore non veg whose breakfast, lunch and dinner was NON VEG.

You frigging cold people you are eating a living being, a creature who feels and responds just like us, come on guys, animals are if anything more sensitive than human beings, aren't they??? You are killing a living creature and eating it. For what? Pleasure, right! Don't gimme dat strength etc crap, cz what if a body builder just comes up to you and throws you right and left to practise, arre muscles hi to bana raha hai bachara. Right!

Just go to any diary farm and give it a nice look, then try eating chicken again. I bet terrors will run down your spine. And don't temme that it goes the same way for plants cz it doesn't. Here is how:


Ask any Guru or creator or any religion, more often than not nobody would ever ask you not to avoid plants whereas pretty often if not always, meat and the like are a strict NO!


Animals are living beings, killing them involves pain besides the murder, yes MURDER of a live. Ain't it inhuman and exceedingly cold to do that??? They can feel just like us, after their death, their children and maybe sometimes even families are left deserted. How would you feel if somebody eats ur mom up? Not great, right. Hurting any living being that too soooo seriously is nothing less than a BIG sin.

Now scientifically speaking, there is no real proof that plants are living. Without loosing ur cool, read on. What is ur definition of living? Something which consumes oxygen? Even iron does, and so would probably so many other minerals/substances. Does that make them living? NO!!!
My definition of living would be something which has feelings and can sense emotions. Even a robot can solve mathematics and beat most of us at a game of chess. AI iz pretty gud dat way. The only way to actually classify living and non living for most edible purposes is to ensure that you don't think anything gets hurt when you are preparing it for your dinner, just my 2 cents! :)
That is why you don't need to worry too much about killing bacteria as you walk, eat, u jst can't see them, dere is nothing u cn do. But you can save animals, can't you???
As for plants having emotions, oh yes they do and they are living too. But that is what religion teaches us, and it also teaches us not to eat animals. As far as science goes, plants are just substances (offcourse they aren't actually) and there is no logical explanation to them feeling any pain or being sensitive to being eaten. If you still can't feel towards a living being, then what is the difference between you and a sociopath? Temme. Come one, could have been u or ur family. If it ain't wrong to eat an animal, den it ain't wrong to eat a human being either, and yeh actually mein ho raha hai, mothers aka dianes eating their kids, for pleasure, that is.... Tis a shame, insaneet mar gayi hai!!!

Startling fact bolun to, even Adolf Hitler was vegetarian for the most part of it. Arre yaar usko bhi sahi nahi lagta tha kisi ko hurt kar ke ghana (He killed 6 million human beings though, that is a different story), par matlab it means u r worse than him in some ways atleast. :P

I know thoda lamba ho gaya, bt was well worth the trouble. Have kept it relatively short, would love to debate things out :D, par mujhse debate karega kaun? :P

God Bless!!!


Deejay18 said...

firstly dude dont insult me..
'you frigging people'
yeah ur fuking right i eat non veg nd will eat more of it ab..LOL..i have been to a dairy farm actually a dairy plus poultry nana owned a pretty fun place you know..
now when ur crusade for animals is over do tell me how many times did u go nd feel the emotions of a chicken??Lmao at the rate they breed if they are not controlled nd rared for domestic purposes there would be no controlling thier population...nd then they'd all die out coz of bird flu..:P
now if you want to tok about animal rights do write about poaching and killing of endangered species..and shut your mouth about the veg non veg debate..

Akshay said...

is frigging an insult??? lol, din't knw, thanks for telling me :P

and no never did i feel those emotions and never will I, but then I don't need to, do I??? I won't hurt it anyway.

and hahahahaha, kya breeding explanation di hai, lol

and yeah i don't mind writing on poaching etc either, just that i feel poaching or not, no living being should be killed.

one more thing, if somebody rips ur dear one apart and eats it alive, say some human devil or something, then will you still feel the same, bol...

and naa, i nvr shut my mouth, u knw dat, dn't u :P :D :D :D


Srajan Mani Rastogi said...

bring it on(read: the wars):P

The Debator said...

ok. now i'm annoyed. your lack of analysis and your tendency to ignore facts really amazes me.

lets look at this thing from 2 perspectives, ok?

First: Lets look at how the world works. It is ALWAYS, EVERYWHERE, the survival of the fittest. And don't give me the crap of the body builder building his muscles. The Darwinian theory of evolution applies PRIMARILY between species. Its our OWN rules that prevent us from killing and eating each other. Just like it is maybe an unwritten code of conduct between dogs that prevents the strong one from eating the weak one. But then that doesn't prevent the lion from eating the deer does it? Or the cat from eating the mouse? If you're so worked up about not causing pain... stop them first! Stop the carnivores from eating animals! I'd simply love to see you do that!
Some animals eat other animals. Its called the food chain, you know. You've probably heard of it in Biology somewhere during High School. We're part of this chain. Do try to remember that.

Moreover, this absolutely ridiculous idea that plants are not really living. Just for the purpose of your debate, simply to align the facts in your favour, and completely ignoring all the scientific definitions of living, you come up with this absolutely fantastic definition: the ability to "feel emotions" makes one living. dude. you crack me up. there's just one word to describe this: absurd. and here's another fact: plants FEEL PAIN, okay? this is a medically proven fact. so if you're going about killing plants (and yes, causing pain to a living thing in the process), what right do you have to claim that other people don't cause pain?

as mr dhananjay has already said before me... causing pain UNNECESARILY is a bad things. paching, killing of endangered animals is bad. agreed. but eating chicken is not. i hope you can see the difference.

and o ya. that silly comment about someone ripping apart a dear one. try to be realistic. its not gonna happen. and if it does, it'll be a crime because we've defined that as a crime among OUR species, and limited to our species. Since when do we hold jurisdiction over what animals do? Will we punish a tiger for ripping apart a baby deer?

The Debator.

Anonymous said...

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