Friday, September 7, 2007

a lil' sumthin...

umm, ahh, so what am I doing here after dunno how many weeks or even months? Good question, figure it out urself!!!

here i am, a new blog, ABOUT ME, and just hope dat i dnt face any dangerous(*ahem*) criticism dis time. Ne problems???

So, here we start. Dn't realli knw how to, aise hi thoda thoda tit bits, chalega, hain nah!

Log puchte hain, "Tu skool kyun aata hai?", what the crap, kya skool padhne hi aaye jata hai, lol... I feel 'Nopes'. HAHAHAHA

Den, realli amused with Rahul and Arpit aka Mad Hatter's new joke, you gotta listen to believe it :D

Den one thing i thnk i cn mention is ma Eng paper. I got just 1/10, yes 1, not 10, in the factual description. Arre yaar, SRK pe likha tha to kya hua, Chak De India wale Kabir Khan pe likha tha nah, socha tha amusing hoga, too much amusing nikala, yaar...

I knw tum log bour ho rahe ho sakte ho, but who cares...LOL! If u thnk i have gone mad, :P, den wen was i nt MUAHAHAHAHA :D

Anyway, have a nice day, peaceful night, take care!


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