Thursday, December 13, 2012

Meditation to Manifest

Meditation to Manifest

People often talk about the Law of Attraction, the Laws of Wealth and Abundance etc. But rarely do people focus on what sometimes can help the most in life. Meditation is a highly overlooked tool which is often over rated but mostly under rated by most.

Meditation can help you manifest your wishes even without the wishes being thought in your conscious mind. I can vouch for this fact from my personal life. I won’t share the exact incidents, but I can definitely vouch that such an event isn’t impossible through meditation. I am not saying that meditation has always helped me, but there have been times when it has indeed.

Of course, it is imperative that meditation be done on a Gurumantra or Naam Jap based on the teachings of your Guru. For instance I took the Naam nearly a decade ago from Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insaan of the Dera Sacha Sauda at Sirsa in Haryana. I am not saying that you should go to him, feel free to try out anybody and everybody who you can before you decide to follow anybody 

But the point is that meditation is a secret way to manifest without even revealing your wishes to yourself. I am not saying that it happens all the time, but it does happen at times and I would definitely rate it above the Law of Attraction or other techniques. I am not saying that you shouldn’t follow the Law of Attraction, I am saying that you can consider meditation as an option as well if you want.

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