Friday, December 11, 2009

My Destiny is Death...

I have got no choice but hope that my destiny is death. And destiny real soon. That is the only way to relieve me of my pain.

So much I long for death. I see no other solution. Alas! I don't know when will that joyful moment come?

So much do I long for death...


Anonymous said...


Akshay said...

This comment seems unwarranted and the act of a loser infact.

I need to face my reality. If I can't get happiness in life, might as well try to get happiness elsewhere.

And all those people who are responsible for this state of mind should consider themselves as losers and if I do get them time then I will take the right action against them as well, before departing.


Anonymous said...

u can't face up to shit..u don't even know what reality is...pain and suffering you selfish idiot, ask people who really suffer pain and suffering, those who don't have clothes to wear, hands to eat, eyes to see and then go crib.

Akshay said...

Till some time back I used to think like you.

I used to think that physical pain was the only form of suffering.

Not unless I actually went through such an emotional trauma myself, did I know that the heart could pain far more than any body part.

If I were to choose between everything I have without my angel and a life where I have my angel but no hands, no money and no eyesight. I might just choose the latter.

And that is the reality. This is love. Trust me or not.